Why We Strike

As underpaid workers, we know what it’s like to struggle to get by.

We can barely pay our bills and put food on the table for our families. McDonald’s answer? Go on food stamps.

We’re robbed on the job by our employers looking to cut corners. And it’s not like our employers are struggling – these are multi-billion dollar corporations.

We’re injured at work, often severely burned by grease, and managers tell us “just put some mustard on it.” It’s completely outrageous and unacceptable.

We’re sexually harassed while working and management does nothing about it, even when we report the harassment.

On top of it all, even McDonald’s knows it takes $15/hr to get by.

We work hard and we’re still stuck in poverty. It’s not right.

That’s why we fight back.

We know striking works. By standing up and going on strike for $15/hr and union rights we won $62 billion in raises for 22 million people across the country.

We’ve taken the fight to more than 300 cities in the US and 60 countries across the world on 6 different continents.

Now, $15/hr is law in California and New York State. It’s law in Seattle, in Pennsylvania for nursing home and hospital workers, and for municipal employees in countless cities. Mayors, city councils, and state governments across the nation have announced $15 initiatives.

What’s the secret to our success? You. Me. All of us who have come together to tell our stories of what it’s like trying to live on low pay from corporations like McDonald’s.

It’s important to remember that we don’t win because politicians or companies decide out of the goodness of their hearts to give us raises. We win because workers stand together to make them give us what we deserve.

It’s time to pay people enough to survive.

It’s time to pay people what they deserve.

It’s time for $15/hr and union rights.


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